02 May 2010

May 3-7

Meal Planning is slowly getting easier. I have learned that if I serve my basics most of the week and throw in a new recipe one or two days the family eats better. So recently it looks like we have been eating the same meal plan every week. Close but not quite! We added another favorite to the rotation: roasted vegetables and chicken. So easy, this one was made by Audrey. This week will be the last that Joshua will be with us for a while so we will be able to add in a few meals he is not as fond of. Our week will be a little short as we are going to Tulsa for a visit and so I can run in the Full Moon 5K.

May 3-7 Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Cereal Muffin Tin Monday Granola bars Boxed mac-n-cheese
Tuesday Yogurt Quesadillas Carrots & peanut butter Pizza Wraps
Wednesday Pink Pancakes Turkey wraps Cottage cheese & fruit Rainy-Day BBQ Chicken
Thursday Fluffy Eggs TBD Carrot Cake cookies Tuna Hot Dish
Friday Cereal PB&J Grapes & cheese TBD (Tulsa)


w said...

wow! what a plan! i'm pretty much hour by hour planning...

good luck in the 5k~

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

you left a comment on my blog about the rice heart, It is from bento making kits you can put a hard boiled egg in it too and it'becomes shapped like a heart. amazon sells tons of molds for rice and eggs that are shapped like hello kitty and even farm animals. good luck I am your newest follower