21 October 2007

sleepless in the third trimester

i have reached the sleepless stage of pregnancy. well, i sleep but it is in fits and spurts. some nights i sleep very little and then nap a little during the day. some nights i sleep all the way through and then nap a lot during the day. who knows, i may be getting just the right amount of sleep over the week but in strange amounts. we are still working on the house. the floors are done, air conditioner is in, and joshua's shed is up. he has to have them come back and fix the roof of it but otherwise it is great. he takes pictures of it all the time and since he moded his iphone to connect to his flickr anyone who cares can see it. his account name is oojoshua. please ignore all the unflattering pregnant pictures. i am just happy he is interested in filming me at all, i look like a cow. the reason i got out of bed tonight is because i was hungry. i wake up in the middle of the night to eat now. or sometimes i just need a tall glass of water, with ice. i have been eating a lot of ice. tonight it seems that a few mini scones and some dried papaya are all i need. i cleaned the kitchen yesterday and joshua wanted to know if this meant the baby was coming. he did pay attention in birthing class when they talked about nesting. now he wants another sonogram to make sure she is not breech. i have tried explaining that the birth is a month away and she has plenty of time to turn but he is still worried. he can now feel her and tell that she is laying sidewise with her head in my side. i should get some sympathy but instead he is worried about his child. at least i know he will make a good dad. he bought batteries for all the smoke detectors and three carbon monoxide detectors. i am just excited to get my new washer and dryer. i can not use them yet because the plumbing is not secure in parts of the house so we can not turn the water on. i am biding my time. they are so pretty and new. i even went out and bought the special soap for the washer so i would be ready. mary already posted a clip about the happy song it makes so i will not bother.

11 October 2007

new floors

So I realized that not only have I not been blogging but I have not put up photos of the new house. It is still being worked on so we have not move in yet but I did get most of my new floor today and am so excited to see the finished product. They will start sanding and hopefully get the finish done tomorrow as well. The hard part then is the wait for the floors to dry so I can get back upstairs. All of the main rooms are on the upper floor so I am stuck in the basement until they finish. Maybe this is a good time to shop for light fixtures. I have been to Home Depot just about 20 times looking at everything. The couch arrived today as well. It is beautiful! I bought it online. I have never purchased furniture online before, it was a little scary. It came from Target so I figured it was safe. Tomorrow I get to clean the basement walls and putty. Joshua won't let me paint or I would start on that as well. He bought "odorless" Kilz, how many really think it does not smell? Our house was unoccupied for 3 years because it was foreclosed so with no light or air the walls got a little mildew in the basement. It would not be a fixer upper if there was not a lot to do. Just for fun I will put up a photo of the kitchen before and then when it is finished I will add an update.
Notice the lack of cabinets and appliances. We have had to do everything in the kitchen. It is a small room though so it has not been too bad. It is a cute little house, just big enough for the three of us. It is more like 2 1/2 right now but I am getting bigger by the day. We are in the 33rd week. I could do without the heartburn but I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights. Fortunately, I am having her around the holidays so everyone is able to visit and I will have a lot of help in the beginning. I am starting to get a little nervous.