23 November 2008


getting ready for the holidays. we will be in milwaukee for turkey day and home for part of xmas. then we travel to tulsa to see my sisters. got baby a doll for her birthday. i wasn't going to do much but then i saw the doll. and so did she. the look on her face was priceless. good part about this age is that she will forget the doll before her birthday comes around. i will post pictures. we have been so busy recently that i have not taken much time to write or post many photos. baby is trying to walk but she is still unstable. maybe grandma can teach her.

18 November 2008

Big girl

She wanted the fork. Needless to say she did not eat much for dinner.

16 November 2008

09 November 2008

In motion

Not a very good picture but she won't slow down.


Baby helped make history.

05 November 2008


Even though she is little she still finds a way to make it down the

02 November 2008


My baby used to be so little. This was one of the first phone pictures
I took.

01 November 2008