29 March 2008

the internet is infinite

I have been invited to a new site to share books. This sounds like a great idea since I am constantly recommending books to friends. If you would like to join me the site is Goodreads.

I have just started using it so I do not know much about it yet.

28 March 2008

lil miss and her easter dress

easter2, originally uploaded by krisadair.

it is hard to see in this photo but it is a cute dress. it has little lambs on the front and is made of cotton. i love the matching bloomers and, apparently, so does audrey. she would not leave the dress alone and kept pulling it up to taste it. reminds me a a bit george used to do about little girls pulling up their dresses. she always said it was a trait women should not give up, that they would get further if they randomly pulled their dresses up over their heads. my little one certainly looks cute with her dress up. i wonder how i will feel about that in 15 years?

23 March 2008

too girlie

it is official, she slept through the night. of course the crazy people who decide call sleeping through the night more than 5 hours. i do not believe waking me at 4am should be celebrated. i should have gone to bed after her 11pm feeding and maybe i would be happier about it. joshua wanted to watch tv together, then we decided a little adult relations would be nice and it was much later before i went to bed. i hope she can repeat the sleeping performance tonight and then i can join her. i do not even know what 6 hours in a row feels like.
today we will put lil miss in her easter dress and take pictures for grandma. joshua complains that i am making her too girlie by putting her in a dress. she usually wears jeans so i am uncertain as to why a dress one day is a problem. my problem is that she has learned to scream. it is not a cry but a high pitched scream and she loves to do it. i think she just likes the sound of her own voice. i am not complaining, i love her voice.

22 March 2008


a&k, originally uploaded by krisadair.

Mom and baby playing together. We hung out in Tulsa with my sister, I got a new tattoo and shopped for fabric with my step-mom. All was well until my return to the mad daily life of Lawrence. I have tried to stop working and keep failing miserably. This time maybe it will last. We hired a new person and Joshua promptly fired me. There is so much else to do around the house and I still need to finish school work. And I could use a decent amount of sleep.

17 March 2008

home again

after a four hour drive we are home. it was great to see the family and spend time in tulsa but it is nice to be home. the drive was relatively easy as the little one slept most of the way. she awoke once and demanded food at a truck stop. we stopped, she ate, and we went on. i am happy to be back in hopes that she sleeps better. we had a rough time sleeping at my dad's house; the last night she woke up every 30 minutes to an hour all night. at 3:45 my step-mom took over for me and i went to bed. if i could have only explained to audrey that i was driving the next day and she needed to let me sleep. she is sleeping now and i hope she stays that way. i am off to slumber land myself. it is good to be home, even though mine smells like paint right now.

09 March 2008

mommy brain

i went shopping today to get a slow release food for the fish and new bras for me. my little angel went with and i had her in the front sling. everyone kept stopping me to look at her and marvel at the way she was being carried. it was like they had never seen a mother strap a baby to her chest and go about regular chores. it did end up a fiasco when i misplaced my purse and had to go retrieve it from customer service. i explained to the nice man behind the counter that i used to be smart and be able to remember things but then i had a child and now i have mommy brain. he smiled politely at me and said he understood. maybe it happens often in his store. some woman sets her purse down to look for a coupon for diapers because she is traveling and can not use the cloth ones on the road. she is thinking about all of these things and trying to decide which diapers would work best for her baby and then she calmly leaves her purse on the shelf. i bet the mother who found my purse and turned it in understood, i bet she has done the same. that is what i think anyway.

08 March 2008

bathing beauty

bath pictures as promised. she loves her new friend the rubber duck.

07 March 2008


i never knew love like this until i had a child. it hurts sometimes it is so strong. i just went to check on her to make sure she was ok while she slept. i think part of my problem is that i miss my dad so much. i really miss him. he should be here to share in my joy. i remember the look on his face when my brother was born. you never saw a prouder father. he was a good grandpa too. i thought it would get easier but it seems to be getting harder. maybe that is because i bottled it all up and did not deal with it when it happened.

audrey rose

audrey rose, originally uploaded by krisadair.

i made a mosaic of my little angel. she is screaming right now so it helps me to see her happy. we are starting to have fun in the bath but she hates to put clothes back on after. i will try to post the bath photos soon. yes i am having a little too much fun with technology. my smiling child is all over the internet.

let sleeping dogs lie

i am still new at the parenting thing. this is evident in my daily life when i do silly things like try to put an active baby to sleep by simply laying her in her crib. or, my best one yet, waking up because my child is talking to herself in her crib in the morning and going in to pick her up. she is happy and not making any sort of fuss yet i feel the need to rush in to see if she needs to eat. she was a perfect angel last night and so i was worried when she did not wake me up four times before 6am. rather she stayed in bed, happy until 6am. i need to have my head examined, or maybe just a few extra hours of sleep. i finally put her back in the crib to watch the mobile and she is happy. maybe next time she does this i will simply stay in bed until she cries for me.

04 March 2008

how much farther?

we are having sleeping issues again. i am hesitant to try to do much about them as we are going to tulsa next week and that is bound to cause problems as well. i think the best thing to do is grin and bear it for a few weeks and work on the problems later. i know we can work through issues because we had a major problem with her sleeping in her crib for naps and now she does every time we are home. it took a few days of nothing but tears and now we have fewer problems. tonight she wanted to sleep on her tummy and almost got herself turned over. she works at it like a rolly polly on his back and she does not give up. at least then i have access to her back to pat her and calm her to sleep. our little angel is three months old now. who knew i could make it this far?

03 March 2008


best_friends, originally uploaded by krisadair.

audrey made a new best friend. she has long conversations with her friend.

my new web phone

02 March 2008

Yes We Can

we had a moveon.org "yes we can" party tonight. fellow lawrencians came over to help us make calls to texas voters encouraging them to vote for senator obama on tuesday. it was great. i have never done anything like this before but i felt compelled to do something this time.
i keep going back to youtube.com for this video:

let us hope that tuesday goes well. audrey had a great time as usual. she would not nap during the party and kept wanting to talk to everyone.