22 September 2009

Tuesday is not Monday, but close

The first night of the girls sleeping together got off to a rocky start. Now I have to set up a monitor so that I can hear Maurene fuss before she wakes Audrey up. Maurene is still getting up once a night to eat and I do not need Audrey awake at 3 am. I believe if I get Maurene soon enough Audrey will sleep through it. That is the plan anyway. Today was better but not great. Audrey and I had to get flu shots so the hours waiting at the clinic were not fun. At least not for me. Maurene would not sleep in her seat but rather had to be held and Audrey wanted to explore every door and hallway. She also used the lobby phone on several occasions. One of the nice ladies held Maurene for me while I filled out her paperwork. Have to start her a chart so she can get coverage as well. We need better health care! Just because I have access to a free clinic does not mean I have adequate coverage!

21 September 2009

Finally Over

The girls are finally in bed. Wow, this was a hard day. This is the hardest job I have ever had. I do not even have the energy to write about it today. Maybe tomorrow. I will try to post the new pictures as well. In the meantime I have a few on Facebook.

My new family

I realized a few days ago that Maurene does not have the same recording of her early days that Audrey has because I have been posting everything on Facebook. I like the easy of Facebook more as it lends itself to short, quick posts, which is about all I have time for these days with two children. That said, I am going to try to put up a little something about our newest family member and the family as a whole.
Maurene and Audrey are getting used to each other more each day. Yesterday I asked Audrey to talk to Maurene while I did something and I looked over to find Maurene smiling her big toothless grin at Audrey. It was enough to melt your heart. Maurene has seen her sister enough to know that she is a friend and has now started to try to win her over, just like she has done with her father and me.