27 February 2011

Weekly Menu February 28 - March 6

This is the first week of our monthly menu. We went through it in February and like it so far. There will definitely be a few changes down the road but for now it works.

Monday - Slow Cooker Mac 'n Cheese, Strawberry Salad
Tuesday - Meatloaf Muffin Cups, mashed potatoes
Wednesday - Brown Sugar Pork Chops, roasted vegetable
Thursday - Baked Tilapia, brown rice
Friday -
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Oven Fried Chicken, glazed carrots

Muffin Tin Monday
Turkey & Cheese
Nut Butter & Jam
Bagel & Cream Cheese
Muffins & fruit

Sweet Couscous
Cold Cereal
Yogurt, Granola, & Fruit
Fluffy Eggs
Rainbow Pancakes

20 February 2011

Weekly Menu February 21 - 27

Monday - Tomato Soup and Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, fresh fruit
Tuesday - Homemade Hawaiian Pizza, salad
Wednesday - Easy Pork Roast, Baked Acorn Squash
Thursday - Tuna Hot Dish, frozen peas
Friday - Little Lasagna Cups, fresh fruit
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Oven Fried Chicken

For Breakfast we will have:
Pink Pancakes
Ham and Cheese Popovers
Green Monsters
Baked Oatmeal
Cold Cereal
Homemade Yogurt and fruit

Lunches are usually:
Muffin Tin Monday
What's For Lunch Wednesday

We linked up this menu with Super Jenn.