11 October 2006

more of the same

this weekend was great. i went home to help host a 50th birthday party for my mom. most everyone showed up and we all ate too much food. she loved the quilt i made her and the cake from merritts was almost as good as the price tag. the problem is trying to get caught up after taking a day off to go to town early because of other people's problems. i think i am getting better at it. i have two papers due next week and a midterm. if i spend all of my time working on them i should get ahead enough to begin working on the historiography due at the end of the semester. who cares if the house is a mess? the laundry is clean and the cat is sleeping on it as we speak. if i get tired of writing i can always fold and put it away. so basically life is normal. i did get a letter from roddy saying that boot camp was fine and he is joining the 101st airborn. i should be proud but i am scared for him. i know this is what he wanted and i should support him. in other news, larissa and i are making another knitting friend who comes to our thursday night group. it is nice to have that time to get away from school and work and housework. and it is nice to have girlfriends.