13 June 2007

strange days

some days you think are going to be great...and then you leave your phone at home and your family can not reach you so they call your boyfriend instead who has to deliver the news of a death in the family. on a good note i had a great hair cut and pretty stripes put in my hair today. your stylist should be a form of therapy. one of the guys who works for us is dating a great stylist so we had a good chat while she added my pretty colors. i have decided i can become a trophy wife if given the proper resources and the right motivation. i like to have my hair fluffed and my nails done and all the girlie things.
not much to say tonight. i need to pack a small bag for tulsa and maybe put a pretty color on my toes. good news is that my stepmom bought me a black maternity dress so i already have something to wear. no need to worry, it was not a close family member but those who know me understand that my mom's family is close so i need to be there to be supportive. i actually feel a bit guilty for not being upset. i had not seen her much these last 10 years so it is not someone whose presence i will miss. i hope the family holds up alright.

12 June 2007

proud parents

i am starting to wrap my mind around the parenting idea. i have had an ideal pregnancy so i tend to forget at times that we will be parents this year. joshua attended my appointment this week and was able to hear the heartbeat with me. he is very calm and seems not excited at all about the changes to come. the only time he becomes agitated is when we discuss financial matters. he wants to buy a house before the baby comes even though i would rather wait. we are renting a small place and i do realize that more room would do us good but i want to wait for the right place first. i am more excited about getting this place ready than spending hours looking for a house.
we leave for another family trip in a few weeks and i will finally be able to spend time after to change my craft room to a baby's room. i should get the crib from joshua's parents later this summer and then all i need is to convert the dresser to a changing table. i believe my stepmom would rather i buy all new furniture so that she may help pick it out. she has already purchased a new wardrobe for me and several items for the baby. joshua is crazed that we have so many items already for a baby not yet born. my sister gave me her stroller as she is getting a double and it comes with the infant seat and two bases. i am a bit amazed at everything already. it seems i shall not want for much and yet i have dozens of items in the baby registry at babies r us and target baby. still no pictures as i still just look fat. maybe i will feel more up to it soon. i have gained a total of 7 lbs to date, 4 this month. the doctor says that is great.

07 June 2007

more late nights

i have started to get my energy back and am able to stay awake late like i used to. i had my usual thursday with the girls and came home to watch a movie after. i am almost like my old self except that my pants do not fit. i still plan to take pictures soon.

05 June 2007

summer is here!

i am enjoying happy warm days with no coats. also all the new clothing my step mom bought me. i am starting to show and so now when i wear my regular shirts i look a bit pudgy. the girls in my knitting circle claim i really do not look fat because the weight is all in my belly. i had to get new pants since mine do not fit well anymore.
i guess i should confirm, for those i have yet to speak with, i am having an alien, or a child. the verdict is still out on that one. we should know which version next month. i am thinking about posting a few pictures because i am starting to show. it is a little odd. i have wanted children for a few years now and i am finally starting my little family with joshua. no one told me i would have crazy dreams. i thought i would gain a little weight maybe get sick and complain about my back hurting. instead i have strange dreams and i have lost my mind. pregnant woman lose their minds. i will try to get a picture up soon.