01 May 2007

i should be sleeping

i have this weird problem recently having to do with being tired all the time. i come home from class and can not keep my eyes open long enough to study or do any reading. i decide to take a nap and then two hours later wake up feeling better. this is fine except that i have trouble sleeping sometimes after my nap, even if i am tired. i know it is mainly hormones making me tired but there must be something i can do to get around this problem. i have tried staying up and not napping but that just makes me cranky (and we know joshua loves me when i am tired) and then i tend to sleep for 12 hours. it is nearly midnight, i am exhausted and unable to sleep. i do not want to take anything because i tend to get more tired with medication. maybe this will simply be a good time to get caught up with my blogs. i got a new camera for my birthday and will try to post some pictures. it even takes 30 minute films so i have a fabulous one of a certain someone in drag at a benefit show! if not properly bribed i may post it soon.

hopefully more to come...