20 September 2006

miss me?

i have been gone too long. my argument was that i was too busy, and i guess that is true. joshua finally tracked down my blog and i am sure that took some of the wind from my sail. no matter, i am back and plan to keep up this time. all kinds of things have changed. i got caught up on finances, am reading my course books, and i even made cake. the guys at work call it my baking phase. i made carrot cake, banana bread, amish friendship bread, strawberry pie, and a birthday cake for leah and becky (they turned 21). no one seems to mind as the food is always gone the next day. we hired a few more employees and are now operating a 7 day work week. joshua got a local investor, the guys got our hotspot payment gateway up (something about layer 2 routing, i am not that smart) and i met a fellow hornet while attending a workshop on financial statements (who cares about balance sheets or a p&l report?)
i am beginning to wonder if anyone will read my blog now that i have been gone so long.
i forgot, this publishes to my facebook automatically, so some will see parts of it, if they see my facebook.
we made plans for turkey day to visit joshua's brother in north carolina and tulsa for christmas. i have started on 4 of my handmade gifts and actually have most of one finshed. larissa and i knit and crochet on thursday evenings and we bake once a month. i told you she was my kind of girl. and i am babysitting tomorrow evening so they can go to dinner. it will be my turn soon. if things go as they are currently, in another year we will be able to settle down, buy a house and start our family.
i leave on that note, long day tomorrow and i still have reading to do.

02 September 2006

hmm, time off?

i have not been blogging. school keeps getting in the way. or is it all this work? i am trying to get caught up so that i can knit or hang out with larissa or read a book. every day that i spend working seems to create more work to do. is it supposed to be that way. for now i will have to live with less time to blog and more homework. if i get caught up at work i may be able to have a normal life again.