29 November 2006

winter wonderland

i skipped classes today to write a paper and the entire world turned to ice. i got out last around noon and the rain was becoming harder. by 1pm it was icing and by 3pm it was a complete mess.instead of writing my paper i decided to take a short break to watch black hawk down (i am doing african history, it was 'research') and never made it back to writing. joshua then came home and recanted a tale about getting up and going to work at 3am and nearly burning down the office with a faulty toaster. the smoke detector did not go off until the office was full of black smoke. and then the absent minded professor did not notice the alarm for a bit. by the time he got to the toaster flames were shooting out if it. i arrived several hours later to find the front door propped open and only the new secretary in the office. she had no idea what happened. i
nearly peed myself after hearing thatjoshua burned his bagel and almost took everything out. i guess it was more entertaining after the fact. i want to go find the toaster and take a picture but the wind chill is around 9 currently and ice is still falling from the sky. i will try to keep up on this one.
on a good note- joshua is cutting a deal for 700mhz spectrum so we will not have to fight cingular over the bleed from their 850 into our 900. this could be a very big deal. toaster burning aside, he had a good day.
things are going better for us after he lost his temper the other night.
if i remember i will put up a few photos, joshua has yet to get them off the camera for me and he took it away so i can not retrive them. this post rambles, but what of mine do not?

25 November 2006

more from nc

I visited Mary and Tim! It was just as you might expect, we talked so much that hours passed and we did not even notice. Joshua had to call to see if I was ever coming home again. I will try to take time later to tell more; I just wanted to get something up.

24 November 2006

greetings from nc

i decided to post briefly while i waited for mary to show up for our day together. my excuse for not posting has been that i am too busy and at this moment i can not seem to get any work done. joshua has taken to watching random utube videos and it is annoying. i will try to put up a few photos soon of my travels in north carolina. it is beautiful here and very relaxing. if it had not been for the fact that we traveled on black wednesday it would have been a nice trip. i scheduled the first flight out of kansas city and when we arrived there was a 10 minute wait at the sky cab. we flew through nashville and things were not too bad there other than the food lines were enormous. when we arrived in raleigh/durham the airport was so packed that there was little room to walk as the people were standing or sitting on every available spot. turkey was fabulous and i stuffed myself. more to come.....hopefully.

10 November 2006

fun with elections

how about a little teaser for now...

I edited this because the link did not work. Search for the article titled Protesters Greet President Bush in Topeka.