29 September 2008

Tulsa time

Having fun at Papa Jim and Nana's house.

24 September 2008

22 September 2008

New cover

Baby loves her futon cover. Thanks Nana.


to do:
  1. pack for tulsa
  2. finish the laundry
  3. work on quilts for rachel, cheryl, and baby
  4. finish baby's futon cover
  5. file the financial paperwork
  6. clear out the queue of flagged posts in larryville
  7. make deposits for the month of august in quickbooks
  8. get some rest
it is going to be a busy few days.

20 September 2008

where is the manual?

funny how when you go back to read stuff you have written it sounds better if you do not say it out loud. i guess i write as i speak and that does not always make great reading. so the baby had a fever today. she was not feeling well all day but towards bedtime she really started to feel warm. we went for a walk downtown with my dad and step-mom who are visiting and all she could do was lay in her stroller. this is my normaly very active child who never sits still for a moment. when i found out how high her temperature was i got a little scared. fortunately di from next door helped me out and got me everything i need. i really need to do something nice for them. they have come through for us on more than one occasion. i wish they were staying in kansas as it is not often you find friends like that. i need to visit more with the others neighbors with small children so i have someone else to turn to when the ringquists leave. so the baby is feeling a little better. joshua put her to sleep and we watched a movie. he deamed it a chick flic and came upstairs. after the movie was over i went to check on the baby only to find she was not in her crib. i found her curled up with dad and i had a hard time getting him to let me put her back in her crib. she is asleep now and i should be as well. these things need to come with instructions, the children i mean.

19 September 2008


I do not know who had more fun. Baby tried to hold on but kept
dropping it.

Finally, a bath

Princess is bathing again, hope it lasts.

a mystery

baby is getting pretty good at feeding herself these days. she had her and dad's favorite for lunch, mac 'n cheese. mostly the food makes it to her mouth but there are a few that jump ship. after she assured me she was finished by throwing the remaining food overboard we went to clean up. she is having a good day so i put a freshly diapered and clothed baby on the floor to roam and play. it was not two minutes before she returned to the scene of the crime. i looked to see what she was doing and found her eating the leftover food off of the floor (no, i had not cleaned up yet). how is it that food thrown from the high chair minutes before is now appealing enough to eat off the floor? it is a mystery. i should simply be happy that she is learning to feed herself and i can eat along with her.

15 September 2008

14 September 2008

09 September 2008

who me?

i fixed the shredder. no need to thank me i know how cool i am. i also scrubbed the laundry room floor because someone left a wet item there to rot. i will not mention the person by name but you know who you are. maybe someday i will get a gold star for all of the floors i scrubbed. or how about a weekend away with no crying babies or demanding boyfriends. i also got the tables and dealers for the casino night fund raiser. maybe i deserve two gold stars. or a chocolate bar. how about my favorite sushi and a child who sleeps through the night again. gotta go figure out what is wrong this time.

08 September 2008

07 September 2008

it's fair time again

a couple of questions for the parents who read my blog:
  1. should i worry about the tic tac baby swallowed?
  2. is an all dairy diet acceptable?
  3. what do i do when she wakes in the middle of the night?
  4. how do i discipline a child who laughs when i say no?
it has been an interesting week. i am about half way finished with cheryl's quilt and plans are being made to make my new sister-in-law one. what a great welcome to the family: your mother-in-law is crazy and your sister-in-law makes tacky crafts for presents. hope you will stay.

i did have a garage sale and can finally park in the garage again. and cheryl and i made plans for the fair. it will be another bitter-sweet time without bob. maybe we will all eat too much again and act like everything is fine.

04 September 2008

detroit lakes

found some pictures from the lake and thought i would share them. nothing like a cute baby to get the grandparents to give mom a vacation.

she moves too much, or horizontally challenged

so the baby likes pasta, and hot dogs, and bananas. she still has yogurt for breakfast but the rest of the dining experience has changed. we went to the doctor for her 9 month checkup and she has dropped from the 25th to the 10th percentile in weight. the only way i got out of the office with my pride was that she stayed in the 50th for her height. she is growing, just up and not out. they want me to start milk and try to get her to nurse more. i swear i feed the baby, i do. she  moves too much. i think we should work on getting her to move less instead of trying to feed her more. dont they say to exercise more instead of concentrating on diet? shouldnt the opposite be true? any ideas on how to stop the baby from moving? anyone?

03 September 2008

tantrum anyone?

joshua says it was oppenheimer who said, "i am become death, destroyer of worlds." and now he has taken to calling audrey that. she must destroy anything in her path. if you stack blocks in front of her she will knock them down. she is also getting pretty good at moving around on her own so nothing is safe. especially not my computer. i say she will be typing before she walks. she also is not happy if i am not paying attention to her. typical only child syndrome. tantrum anyone?

02 September 2008

the power of play

audrey is learning to play by herself. we have spent a little time in her room the last few days while she wanders around and plays with her toys. i used to have the toys in the living room but i have slowly moved them back to her room and found a place for them all. while she plays i have been able to fold laundry and clean up her room a bit.