30 May 2008

Milwaukee baby

She is sitting up all on her own.

Princess has a pretty new chair at grandma and grandpas.

29 May 2008

I found her at the gym like this and had to take a picture

fun with technology. i am trying to do the mobile blogging thing and it is not working so well. maybe it is a 1-2-3 error. i am going to keep after it.

28 May 2008


we are back from tulsa. but that is not where the fun ends. tomorrow we board a plane for milwaulkee and the in-laws. i love my in-laws so that part should be fun but the little one has been getting fussy for her bed and her sleep routine. i thought it might be a change she was making to her routine but now that we are back she is napping perfectly. i hope she is able to adjust because we will be gone for 7 days and then back for 1/2 a day and then down to austin to see my grandma and my sisters. we are traveling chics. joshua is going with us to milwaukee so that will be a nice family vacation. i am going to keep this short as i need to do a mountain of laundry before we leave. i will try to get pictures up later.

21 May 2008

hitting the road

so it has been a few days. i keep meaning to write, really, but i have been busy. you will forgive me, right? i promise it will not happen again, honest. i am a good blogger. the baby and i have been busy. we are getting ready for the trip home and that always takes time. i had to take the recycling to drop off so there would be room in the car. then i stopped to get a few items from target, mainly because i love target and i needed an excuse. i packed the baby's bag and started the laundry, and then she tried to break my toe. i already mentioned that. i do not think it is really broken. tomorrow i have a pedicure, an investors dinner, and i still need to clean out the fridge. i have not even had much time to take pictures of the baby. i did get a short video of her trying to crawl. joshua says she will hate me when she is 16. i do not think it will take that long. the video is up on youtube. i will try to get a link here soon. my user name is ivycassidy but you can also search by her name, audrey rose.

17 May 2008

babies are harmless

how can one so young cause so much trouble for everyone?
i broke my toe a few years back, stubbed it on a vacuum cleaner. i think i may have another broken toe. this time it was not my doing. the baby did it. really, she did. those cute photos of her eating in the little chair take place on the kitchen counter. she grabbed for a spoon in a mug as i was walking by and knocked the mug onto my toe. the nail is cracked. she just looked at me. joshua had to finish feeding her because i was too busy cussing. feeding, other than that one, are getting better. she eats better and will sometimes try new things. i got her to eat a little green beans and she ate some squash the other day. mostly she likes yogurt and bananas. and sweet potatoes.
check out my new gig:
i am a moderator for a local site joshua acquired. some fun we are having.

14 May 2008

solid foods continued

so i almost knocked myself out with the dryer door. i opened it to put the clothing from the washer in only to find that the washer was empty. i proceeded to fill the washer with what has to be the worst smelling diapers ever, trying to steer clear of the stench. that is when i came into contact with the dryer door, still open from earlier. i knocked my glasses off and bent them. if i end up with a black eye i need a better story. maybe i will say that joshua wanted me to do the dishes and i said no. i wonder if he will appreciate the humor in that...
summer is almost here and the little one is wearing her cute little dresses, if anything at all. she has continued with the fun solid foods, trying sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, yogurt; and hating peas, and green beans. she is starting to eat three squares a day in addition to her nursings so she has put on a little weight. i call her chubba wubba. we will be in tulsa in a week for a family thing so we can visit the tulsa peoples. and everyone can pinch little chubba wubba's cheeks.

09 May 2008


so i cleaned the house, mostly. i am still working on it but the upper level is clean, mostly. we are having a get-together tomorrow and joshua wanted the house to look decent. i just wanted to find all the laundry. i would wash it, and throw it in a big pile in the basement to be folded while watching a movie some night. i kept falling asleep so the pile got bigger. now when we want clean clothing we go 'shopping' for outfits in the basement. i feel like i am 13 again and hiding the piles of laundry from my mom so i do not have to fold them. come 3pm tomorrow everyone is going to see my laundry habits. audrey has tried to help. she screams at me when i take her down there, as if to say, "mom, time to put away the laundry. you have to set a good example for me." maybe that is not what she is saying, it might be in my head. i have a new picture for the viewing pleasure of all... this is what happens when you try to get peas into audrey.

03 May 2008


we went to the farmer's market this morning. what a great idea! all kinds of people bake really good, local food and bring out their eggs, lettuce, meat, honey, and more. we purchased eggs, lettuce and wool yarn. i got the see a picture of the animal my wool came from. he was cute. audrey enjoyed seeing all of the dogs. she even got to pet a few. i really wish i had time to get her a dog. i think she would like an animal a great deal, probably more than i ever did. she is fascinated by every dog she sees. i am going to make time this week to visit the humane society to see if they need volunteers. that would be fun for both of us. all of the joy of a dog with none of the responsibility. and we would be helping out. i also wanted to add this photo, taken by and arranged by joshua. by arranged i mean that he arranged to have audrey play with all of her toys at once. and i do mean all of them. the picture does not show the entire play yard.

02 May 2008

new menu

so as promised...sweet potatoes.
this has become her new favorite food. however, for a child who has had nothing but mom's milk and cereal up 'til now, this is not a big surprise. the sweet potatoes are a nice orange color that she enjoys rubbing all over her face and sometimes spitting at me. not because she does not like them, she has just discovered how to spit. oh the joys of motherhood. why did someone not tell me to get a plastic wardrobe earlier? she drools, she spits, and sometimes she leaks. there is a nice sound that goes with the spitting too, a humming that could be soothing if she did not have sweet potatoes in her mouth. i will try to get a little video once the new camera shows up.
next on the menu, peas or avocado?
i have yet to decide.

01 May 2008

good times

if i avoid writing my papers do you think the professors will take the 'dog ate my homework' bit? i am so done with school and yet i am not finished. they will not give me my degree until i finish these classes. i want to just cry. i wonder if that will work? so i play the avoidance game. if i ignore it maybe it will go away. i am also avoiding cleaning the house, but that is a different story.
my little angel is learning to sit up. she still wobbles a great deal so, unlike joshua, i stay close so she does not hit her head on the coffee table when she topples. no, no, that never happened. honest.
the weather has turned nice for a brief period and she has pulled out her summer outfits. she mostly likes to chew on the edges of her dresses so i will need to keep her in those whenever possible. her 'singing voice' has increased as well. that is her father's term for the high pitched scream she emits when entertained, or tired. that is all for now. i will try to add info about the sweet potatoes soon. as larissa would say, 'good times.'