25 February 2008

mother's day, early

all of the troubles associated with being a mom really fly right out the window when your baby falls asleep on you. there is nothing that melts the heart quicker. she can be screaming one minute and asleep the next but the second she slumps on my shoulder i am at peace. i have been know to watch her sleep as well. i never understood that before.
joshua said a cute thing as i was getting up to feed the angel. he has been telling me what a wonderful mom i am, mostly to keep me from going crazy, and he said this year would be a good mother's day. he also stated that he understood the holiday now. i am sure his mother would be happy to hear that.

24 February 2008

better, just barely

i am getting better everyday. except today. i have figured out what it means when she cries and when to put her down for a nap. but today she cried so hard and loud she turned purple. it upset me so much that i started crying. joshua was on a conference call and just shut the door on us. afterward he claimed not to have heard her cries.
i am finishing up a beautiful scarf and i will try to remember to post a picture before mailing it. it is a windy city scarf and it is for a swap. i love the way it has turned out.
i am off to bed to get a few winks before angel wakes again.

20 February 2008

sleepless in larryville

i am starting to get used to the lack of sleep. i awake each morning around 7 (or earlier) and can not get back to sleep. joshua is on the 4-8 am shift so in theory i could sleep in. usually audrey is fussy or joshua can not get her to eat from her bottle, or any other number of reasons i need to help. it is getting to the point where i do not mind. she is getting a little easier to understand, i am getting used to it. we are all a little happier around chez montgomery. princess has gained quite a few pounds and now weighs in at 11 05. she is starting to look like a chubby little baby. we are off to costco and the baby store today to stock the freezer and baby room with supplies. it is not as easy to pop over to kc now so we have to make special plans. larissa is going with me so that i have help if needed.

17 February 2008

you tube

yes i am one of those mothers. i took a video of my child doing absolutely nothing. well, she was playing with the mobile. i thought it was cute, so cute i loaded it to youtube and sent it to the in-laws. now i am putting it on my blog because that sounds like fun. blogs are very egotistical anyway. we know they are there just to make the writer feel better. i feel better now.

16 February 2008


obama_audrey, originally uploaded by krisadair.

Audrey had her first caucus. It was tiring. We spent 3 hours in order to get our voice heard. I am going to writing my representatives and complain, caucusing is not fun.

not much better today

we had another rough night and slightly difficult day. she woke up every hour for four hours until joshua rolled her on to her stomach. she was fine for four hours after that. she spit up all over both of us while she was eating. then again four more times until we left for the gym. i was ready to put her out with the trash today until she finally went down for a two hour nap. i slept then as well. i would like to someday get back to being able to craft or even keep my house reasonably clean.
i found thanksgiving pictures from before our angel was born. look how happy we were. so excited and ready to be parents. why did someone not try to tell us it was going to be so much work? maybe they did and we did not believe them. i love my angel but i am going to love her more when she sleeps for more than an hour at a time.

15 February 2008

parenting 101

i took the class. at no time did they say that my child would look at me and spit up, or scream in my ear when i tried to burp her. she has been a pill today, but look how cute she is. and she smiles at me every time i change her diaper.

12 February 2008

My creation

My creation, originally uploaded by krisadair.

My latest flickr creation. My loves. Notice the fabric, magazine covers, and chocolate!

09 February 2008

new addition

i say new but she is two months old. i am still trying to get the hang of this mothering job. she is a vocal child and that means she screams at me a lot. when we go to visit people she does ok so everyone just thinks she is cute. i know better, at 4am she is not so cute. and then she smiles at me after a feeding or a diaper change and my heart melts. being a parent is the toughest job i have ever had and i am no slouch. i have much more respect for single parents now.