22 July 2007

the travelers return

we are back from the family reunion and i am happy to say that no one was hurt in the final days of forced family love. it was another awesome cruise and i was glad to see my sisters. ashley is looking very preggers and we are excited for her to have another boy. i, on the other hand, just look fat. i wish i could put up a nice, cute pregnant pic but they all turn out with me having a double chin (which i do not have, yet) or there is an abundance of fat hanging from my arms. i will see what i can do about having some photos specially edited to show the belly but not the other horrible side effects of pregnant existence. i can not really spend too much time here, my mother-in-law will be here in mere hours!

04 July 2007

our alien

we had our sonogram and it is an alien. all of the measurements are right on for the due date for december 2nd. and it is a girl. they took a picture of her privates to show us. joshua is coming to terms with the fact that there will be more females in his house than males. he is just as happy as i am that she is healthy looking and has good measurements. we sent the pictures to a few individuals but i did not force it on any who did not want to see. if you can tell what the blobs look like then i would be happy to send the pictures. to me it looks like an alien. but she is my alien and i love her.

happy 4th!

01 July 2007

no rest for the wicked

tomorrow is the big day for us. joshua and i are very excited to find out the sex of our baby. the sonogram is at 9am so i do not have to wait long now. before bed last night joshua placed his hand on my belly and just left it there for a while. i thought he was asleep but then he said he was trying to feel the baby move. these past few weeks i have started to feel small movements but apparently they are too small to feel from the outside. the journal i have says the baby is big enough to fit in the palm of my hand. that seems so small to me considering the movements and my size. i tell joshua that it is easy to tell this is his child because the little one is always moving a foot, always kicking me.
i took the day off yesterday and slept mostly. today i need to finish laundry and really start working on the little one's room. it is piled high with crap that i can not find room for elsewhere. i still have a number of months left but i would like to get something put together soon. the crib is ready for us to pick up we just need to find time to drive up to des moines and get it. i love the fact that joshua's crib is the one we will use for our child; i am sentimental like that.