30 August 2008

back home

we are back home and not enjoying the heat. i think i could have stayed in detroit lakes, however, not through the winter. joshua has mentioned holing up there so he can get some work done but i am not certain that would be the best thing for the baby and me. plans were made for thanksgiving with the montgomerys this year. that also means a first birthday party for audrey in milwaukee. i assume we will go to tulsa for christmas. more later, audrey wants to go to the farmers market.

27 August 2008

Audrey, Destroyer of Worlds

One day a baby alien named Audrey traveled with her parents on vacation. This little alien did not like to sit still so her parents had to travel while she slept. When she awoke Audrey was very happy to see a strange life form called a cat. The cat was not happy to see the baby alien. During the vacation the little alien tried her best to make friends with the cat, to no avail. She also spent time with her grandparents. Grandma taught little Audrey how to play with the interlocking blocks. They played a game called "Push and Pull." Audrey enjoyed this game so much that whenever she was given blocks she would quickly pull them all apart. She played this game so often her father took to calling her "Audrey, Destroyer of Worlds."

26 August 2008

Grandmas house

Grandma can make anything work. This is baby's high chair at the
cabin. Notice the tarp.


Playing with the cat.

22 August 2008

21 August 2008


Grandma is teaching baby to crawl.

14 August 2008

a fairy tale, act one

cinderella, cinderella, why do you scrub those floors?
--why, to remove the baby food of course. where are those pesky mice when there is work to be done?
why must you work on bended knee?
--because the mop is not effective if you do not get to a dropped food immediately.
must the baby eat in such a messy fashion?
--apparently she has an independent streak she acquired from one of her parents.
maybe someday you will meet a nice cleaning lady to relieve you of your duties and you too can leave the house.
--i would love to meet such a charming lady.

13 August 2008


You can almost see her teeth

11 August 2008

Call in the guard

Breaking News-- Lawrence, Kansas
A state of emergency has been declared for the Adair household of Lawrence, Kansas. The National Guard has been called in the set up a perimeter to keep unsuspecting bystanders out. According to reports the floor of the kitchen has not been seen in some time, maybe as long as a week. Applying water to the afflicted area has made little impact on the situation. It is rumored that the baby terrorist Audrey is to blame. A spokesperson for the baby had this to say: "Audrey says it was her mother's fault and not hers. Apparently her mother gave her watermelon and mango for lunch." The baby herself could not be reached for comment. According to sources she was taking a relaxing soak to remove the sticky residue. Unsubstantiated reports indicate that if the situation is not resolved soon the Centers for Disease Control may step in. The CDC is confident that if called in it could help alleviate the problem with quarantine and containment. A search and rescue team is scheduled for tonight, after the baby is asleep. Stay tuned for updates.

09 August 2008

rip bob

august 11th marks the first anniversary of the death of my father. he is still missed. instead of falling into a pit of despair it was recommended by my friends that i create a positive focus for the day. to that end i am posting some happy pictures. he was taken from us too soon and so suddenly that it is hard to realize even now, a year later. life still goes on but it is a little different without him. audrey is 8 months old now and lee is getting married in a few months. we just wanted him to be with us a little longer.

there will be more to come today.

still here

yes i know, its been a few days. no i have no excuse. but i am working on something. it will be up on monday. have patience.