15 March 2007

no time to clean

Life has turned into a roller coaster again. I just got back from a two day conference in Wichita, meanwhile Joshua had a meeting with a town north of Wichita about setting up a wifi project. He then headed to Tulsa for some computer boards, a PE stamp on some drawings, and a meeting with the guy who runs Tulsa metronet. He left Tulsa around 10:30 and ended up having to stop half way for rest. After arriving in Lawrence he went straight to work and finished his presentation for Friday. It is now 9am and he is just now home. I am up and about ready for class. Once I am finished with school I have a work project due and my knitting circle that takes place every Thursday night. Joshua will leave this evening for Wichita and give his presentation in the morning. He will rerturn home tomorrow night and we will get a few hours together after work. Saturday I am headed home for a barbecue thrown in my honor and Joshua will be playing the role of a leprechaun in the St. Patty's Day parade. I return Tuesday and will head back to work because my boss will be out Wed and Thurs for her chemo treatment. This is very typical.

09 March 2007


apparently i am not alone out there in cyber land after all. i assumed that no one would read my blog since it has been months without a post. my vet sent a donation to the local vet school in cassady's name. they also sent me a condolence card right after it happened. for those i have not spoken with, cassady went into kidney failure and we decided to not prolong his suffering. it was a very hard week but joshua helped me through it.
in other news, we are trying to have a baby. i am sure this will also be shocking. it must be part of my martha stewart phase. i will try to keep up to date with this developing story.
i really do like spring. winter is not my favorite time but spring and fall are beautiful seasons.

04 March 2007

in a weird mood

it is late and i am sitting up surfing in bed. no real reason, just insomnia. that has been happening a bit lately.
i miss my cat.