29 July 2008

almost crawling

i am working on a quilt for my brother and one for my sister as well. it has been a very productive week already and if i continue we will have the house ready for crawling in no time. i repotted some plants into hanging pots, moved the low pictures to a higher area, took the shredder and a stool to the basement and now i am working on a little cover for the bookshelves. joshua is going to bolt the bookcases to the wall and i am going to make sheers for the front on pressure rods so that she has a hard time removing the books. i am hoping this will keep me sane during the day when she starts to crawl. i also need to make a drawer for her in the kitchen. she is starting to move on her own but does not have the full crawling action down yet.

New bath

Baby found a new place to bathe.

27 July 2008


She is learning to feed herself.

26 July 2008

same as it ever was

another saturday at the farmers market. peaches are in and baby loved them. she also got to pet her fair share of dogs, as usual. i saw a few mommies i know and talked to the master gardeners about our chigger problem. all-in-all a fine start to the day. we are waiting for baby to wake up so we can go out for breakfast with joshua's brother and sister-in-law. they are in town for a wedding and are staying with us. it is nice to have relatives to play with the baby. we are also watching the dog and cat next door while the neighbors vacation in england for three weeks. this amuses baby to no end because she loves the neighbors dog. that updates you on the last couple of days. nothing new here. baby is working on crawling and i am sure i will have a video up when it happens. even with the heat we have been getting out more and doing more. we went swimming, to the library, made cookies, cleaned the basement, and went shopping with larissa. i also finished the quilting of my brother's t-shirt quilt and am now ready to add the binding. then i am going to finish the sit-upon for a swap and start on joshua's t-shirt quilt. i am also thinking about making a memory quilt for my sister using photographs.

24 July 2008


i just think this is funny

all quite on the western front

we have been busy. really, that's my excuse. ok, the baby has been busy and i am just along for the ride. she started making consonant sounds recently and now they are turning into regular baby talk. she will be saying 'dada' before too long. today she played in the kitchen while i made vichyssoise and chocolate chip cookies. she helped a little with the cookies. i even let her have some vichyssoise for lunch, we ate it warm though, instead of cold. the house is a mess but we are both happy. she stayed awake for 4 hours in the morning and 3 1/2 in the afternoon. this means no third nap and possibly more sleep during the night. we will see. she has been waking at 6 or 6:30 for a week or so and i am tired of it. so i decided to see what we could do.
last night we went to kc for dinner with joshua's cousins and brother. the girls loved audrey and she loved them. however, every time she was placed in jacob's lap she screamed. i even gave him bread to bribe her with. we will have to work something out while he is here to get her used to him. his wife, lisa, will be here later today for a wedding this weekend. everyone loves audrey and they are staying with us just to see her. that means tomorrow i will have to clean.


Baby is getting around on her own.

21 July 2008

a new discovery

joshua is reading gertrude mcfuzz to baby. she got ready for bed early so he deemed it time for a long story. normally she gets goodnight moon and tucked into bed. that is after the fish is fed. i am glad he is reading to her as she was literally climbing up me for the last hour. she screamed on an off all through dinner. it was an interesting day. we went to the gym, 11:31 for my mile today, and then i kept running for another quarter mile. then we came home to have a fun conversation about finances with joshua (did i mention how fun that was?) and after a trip to the indoor pool for an hour. baby actually liked it for a change. we may start going on a more regular basis. when she woke up from her last nap she screamed at me regardless of what i did. i am tired today. and joshua let me sleep in so i should be in a good mood. also, baby discovered gravity.

20 July 2008

martha stewart i am not

my day started at 5:45am. thats early folks. i feed the baby and put her back down. unfortunately for me she was not really interested in going back to sleep. i tried again 30 minutes later, this time changing her diaper as well. still did not work. so i got up and feed us both. we then went for a long walk during which she fell asleep. i returned home, put her to bed and tried to get a few moments of rest myself. by the time my body relaxed from my long walk and i was drifting off, she was up again. needless to say i am not in the best of moods today. we got a little laundry done, worked on baby's room, and made some teething biscuits. we took a couple next door for a second opinion and that got diana up and making a recipe that she claims will be my litmus for all other recipes after i try it. she is part way through and we are back home for baby's elusive third nap to get us to the end of the day. she will be asleep for 30-45 minutes and then we will run back next door to watch the final steps. if it is indeed so wonderful i will post the recipe on the homesteading blog (with di's permission, of course). i really should post about our last few days but this time is too precious. i must eat while she sleeps.

A baby or a frog?

19 July 2008


Baby loves her rocker. Nana put soft fabric on it.

18 July 2008

Happy baby

We found this at a garage sale. Baby loves it.

Egg on my face

Or maybe it is bread

sleep is good

still no time but i will update.

the baby slept through the night, 7pm to 7am. that is the first time. usually when she sleeps through it is until 6am, which is an hour too early for me. i am very happy with 7am. we are hanging out with larissa and donovan today so it should be a better day. i have a feeling the teething bit is not over so we will keep an eye on it. i must pack us up for the day. maybe i will remember pictures this time.

17 July 2008

happy birthday dad

real quick:
  • the second tooth came in
  • i was tortured by my orthodontist for an hour
  • day two of 5k training was 12:07
  • the house is still a mess
  • we are spending the day at the annual Downtown Sidewalk Sale
i will send pictures.

16 July 2008

i can run

i can't blog right now, i have too much to do! the car is still stuffed full of camping supplies, the kitchen is a mess, my bills are spread all over (i am organizing them!), the shredder died, and the baby has a new tooth. joshua wants help with the website, i want to finish my quilt, my brother and sister-in-law will be here next week, my dad and step-mom are coming soon to help with the irrigation system (thanks dad!). and i haven't a thing to wear. no seriously, it has been a good/bad week. we saw lots of relatives, my sister kept the baby all weekend, and did i mention audrey got her first tooth? all this and i picked today to start training for the tulsa run. i am going to do 5k on october 25, in bob's honor. it is the day after his birthday.

so today i ran a mile. and i did it in 12:37.

15 July 2008


Now where did I put those keys...?

13 July 2008

11 July 2008

we are off

off to a family reunion. no, this is a family i like so it should be fun. yes, it is still a long drive. why yes, i am talking to myself today. but then that is what blogs are all about, me! or in this case audrey. speaking of lil miss, she is taking a decent 2nd nap, and the first one was pretty good as well. she must know something is up. i have been running around throwing items into bags and boxes all day. i will try to get up pictures while i am away but there is no telling if i will have a signal. the world may just have to wait on my blog until we return. kind of in a cocky mood today, aren't i?

10 July 2008

love the smell of yogurt in the morning, smells like, victory

finally, success with the yogurt. diana came over again and this time lent me a yogurt maker. it is not like a bread machine where you pour the ingredients in and walk away but rather a warmer after the hard part is done. if you are interested in the final recipe i posted it on another blog. i sat baby in her high chair for most of the yogurt time and she chased cheerios around the tray. some even made it in her mouth. diana's son ben had fun with the tupperware and magnets. when audrey dropped cheerios ben would eat them. fun was had by all. we also made hummus and i am in heaven. i will never buy it again now that i can make my own so easily. next i think will be sourdough. di has a recipe and i love sourdough. i may wait until i get caught up a bit. i have been behind on a few other things.

to sleep for me. joshua sleeps, audrey sleeps, my mother-in-law sleeps, and so should i.


Better geese pic

09 July 2008

08 July 2008


Really hard to see them but I was not about to move closer. This is
the pond we stroll around.

hope on the horizon

things are slowly getting better with lil miss. we have been going for walks in the morning now. yesterday she meet a dog and today a flock of geese. i believe she enjoyed the dog more because the dog licked baby's feet. baby did not get to pet the dog because she was wet from her swim, the dog that is, but it was enjoyable all the same. she now makes a funny hacking sound for a laugh. i will try to record it sometime soon. geese pictures to follow.
we are getting ready for grandma's visit tomorrow. it will be a happy day when grandma arrives. someone else to hold the demanding child. and on saturday we will see the williams clan. i am sure aunt cheryl will be fighting for baby time as well. i may even get to sleep in. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. today baby woke up at 6:15am. thats early in the morning folks. can i send her back for a later sleeping model?
now she naps so i must take better advantage of my free time.

07 July 2008

new 'do

playing with my blog. i found some super cute layouts by Allie Brown. They are a little girly but I figure since this has become Audrey's blog that would be ok. Visit Allie and tell her how cute her layouts are.

06 July 2008

New toy

Baby got a new toy which she loves. No bells or whistles just a
classic toy. Thanks Larissa.


the baby sleeps and yet i do not. even joshua is asleep. however, the baby has been waking at 4am most days and now she has me trained. i really need to try to get out of that habit. the letting the baby train me part. and i do not care what joshua says, he snores. it may be cute, quieter snores but it is still snoring.

05 July 2008

have baby, will travel

joshua spent most of the day with baby and me. towards the end he asked, "has she been this way all week?" "worse," i answered. now he understands. my wrists hurt again from carrying her. i am looking to pick up one of those soft backpack carriers so that i can get on with my days. larissa let me try hers and it worked wonderfully. now to find one. i know i won't in this town. we may head to kc tomorrow. i am about to lose my mind. on a positive note, she is attempting to crawl again. it is quite adorable and i may record it.

04 July 2008

More pics

Patriotic baby

Audrey in her fourth outfit.

a new day

happy friday! i got to sleep in. all is fine in larryville.
daddy took baby to the park, bought us cinnamon twists from great harvest and let baby have a piece of sourdough. i put her in her fourth outfit and promise to load pictures later. joshua has been working on larryville and should have it all upgraded soon. it really is looking like a professional site. i am still working an article for a new section of lawrencian. it will be a blog about homesteading. some of my girlfriends graciously agreed to help. if we become popular enough for the print version we may even get paid. more to come...audrey is fiesty right now.

03 July 2008

no yogurt for audrey

update on the yogurt. it failed me the second time. all i got was a runny mess. i hear that this can happen sometimes but i am still disappointed. i will try again, this time with a little powdered milk to thicken it. maybe the yogurt just felt my frustration and could not perform. it has been a bit of a rough week for audrey and i. we are just trying to get through the days. tomorrow the fireworks will be at clinton lake so maybe that will boost my spirits. or maybe it will just wake the baby and add to my angst. i choose to think positively. i will try to take pictures tomorrow of angel in her fourth outfit.

Baby overboard

Good thing she is strapped in.

02 July 2008

showers in spokane

i spent quite a bit of time watering the lawn today. joshua has yet to install the irrigation system and has been too busy to care for our postage stamp sized yard. so the baby and i decided to help. we simply used the wand yesterday but today i felt the yard needed a good drink. i attached a sprinkler and moved it around every 15 minutes or so. and now it is raining.

its a tumor

my little growth has not let me put her down for more than 10 minutes at a time in days. there are no pictures because she is always in my arms. i am learning to type with her seated in my lap. i went to larissa's today just to have her child entertain mine so i could get some peace. we have not been doing much, trying not to suffocate in the humidity, grocery shopping, a little laundry, and dinner. i set her in the play yard so i could cook and she acted like i was abandoning her. she cried so hard her nose started to run and her eyes puffed up. i need to go now, audrey is crying.