01 January 2013

New Year, New Posts

The girls and I went out for a short run in the snow this morning. Even though I had gone for a longer run last night on the trails I wanted to start the year with a run. Running with us was Ellen, the founder of Running for the Hill of it and a great inspiration. She is training for a marathon in November so running with her always feels like marathon training.

Since it was so cold I did not invite the girls to run. They stayed in the jogger with snow pants, coats, masks, snow boots, and waterproof gloves. I brought a Kindle Fire with a few TV shows for them to watch while I ran. I also attached a thin quilt to the canopy of the jogger to keep the wind out of their faces.

We started at Gary Gribbles and ran South and slightly East to 19th and Barker. Most of the sidewalks were snow packed so much of the running took place in the road. I loved it! It was a short 3 mile run but was just enough to start the year off right. After I took the girls to Starbucks and Ellen accompanied us. 

Here is to 2013!

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